Crockpots? UnderRated.

Anyone who is living in the lower mainland will have noticed that the weather has taken a drastic turn in the last week. The temperature has dropped, and the non-stop rain is upon us. Fall is in full effect. 

The dark mornings and stormy weather make me crave hot comfort food. I love a good casserole, soup and grilled cheese, and curry. The perfect comfort food that makes you want to stay in bed curled up in blankets all day.  

For all the students out there, this time of year is prime time for midterms, papers, and big assignments. Not to mention two holidays which you may want to be present for… It’s a busy time of year, to say the least.

With all the busyness, time is valuable. 

You don’t have time to properly cook a dinner every night of the week and make sure you have something for lunch. Realistically, you don’t have that time luxury. 

I found I was struggling with making dinners and lunches for myself as I was constantly running out of time. Life is busy, I get it. But then I remembered… I own a crockpot! 

I own a janky old-school crockpot. It was gifted to me when I decided to move out. I honestly was not sure I wanted it in the beginning. It is bulky, it’s big, and kind of ugly. But let me tell you, it’s the best! Biggest time saver. I throw whatever I want into it in the morning, let it simmer all day and poof, by the end of the day, the food is enriched in so much flavour. 

Crockpots are great! If you are out and about all day long, they are perfect. You can leave them simmering and cooking all day long for 8 hours straight if you wanted.

My crockpot has never burned anything. The food always comes out perfectly marinated, never dry.

Some of my top crockpot meals must be chilli, curry, and chicken noodle soup.

One thing I love about my crockpot is that it’s a one-pot meal, meaning minimal cleanup. 

I love being able to throw all my vegetables, proteins, and carbohydrates into one pot. Crockpots can be very versatile with proteins. Some individuals may be thinking of chicken, pork and or beef for protein, but chickpeas and tofu work amazing as well.

You can drop anything and everything into a crockpot and it works!

Simple and easy. The food is tasty and provides an abundance of leftovers. Leftovers are the holy grail of time-saving. I know it’s best knowing you have a meal in the fridge that you can quickly whip out, microwave and eat as soon as when you get home. 

Crockpots? UnderRated. 

Ingredients for a vegetable curry and an old crockpot.

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