Figuring Out SEO.

Before this week, I honestly had no idea what SEO was or how it even worked. I had no idea of its importance or any idea of how it influenced the internet.

The biggest and most important step in understanding SEO was knowing that it was an acronym. SEO is for search engine optimization (Hollingsworth, 2021).  Before I went on to the readings, I wanted to understand each component of that. 

I know it sounds silly to not understand the components of SEO, but honestly, I had to break it down. So, I took each word in the acronym and broke it down. 

My definitions: S.E.O

Search: to look for something or someone. It’s the process of looking. 

Engine: something that is a moving part. Meaning, it facilitates something. 

Optimization: something that provides the best or most effective possible outcome. 

After I was able to create my definitions and break down the word slowly, I was able to read and understand the articles. 

Essentially SEO helps facilitate, promote, and benefit the growth of a company/brand (Hollingsworth, 2021). Hollingsworth (2021) outlines 15 reasons why SEO is important to a company/brand by reasoning it promotes growth and awareness. 

I found the process of understanding SEO interesting because I was able to break down the whole wording into my own definition and apply it to the readings.

I find that if I ever am confused or stuck on the wording of something, I find I just have to break it down. I don’t know why, but I sometimes have a short mental block when I come across wording that is unfamiliar to me. Therefore, I have to take a step back and look at it in small doses to easily break it down. Once I do that, I have no problem understanding it. 

After reading Hollingsworth’s (2021) article and sitting in a lecture, I can understand the importance of SEO. I find I was able to understand how it impacts a user’s experience with the content online. 


Hollingsworth, S. (2021, August 6). 15 reasons why your business absolutely needs seo. Search Engine Journal. 

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