Frozone? UnderRated.

A clip from the Incredibles, featuring Frozone

Honeyyy, where’s my super suit? WHERE’S MY SUPER SUIT?

Frozen in Action

Just in case y’all didn’t know who I was, I thought I would introduce myself. The name’s Frozone.

I’m the chill collective guy that swoops in when needed. Being the main guy who everyone is trying to get is just so OVERRATED. I like to be the guy that just rolls in and keeps my cool. It is way better to be the guy who has fun with everything and saves the day in the end, than fight from the very beginning. Why would you want to have super strength or be extra stretchy?? I can generate and control ice while keeping my cool.

Let Me Tell You Some UnderRated Secretes You Might Not Know:


First of all, protective eyewear is essential. Trust me, I have tried going out into battle without my eyewear and it sucked. Do you know how ice crystals, flakes and chunks of powder feel against the eye? Let me tell you, not good. I know eyewear might not be on your radar of clothing accessories you need, but trust me, eyewear will save your vision.

Secondly, stretching is important. Let me tell you, before rushing into battle, you need to stretch. It is easily a forgotten task when the need to save the world is pressing on your mind, but… You have to stretch. Try it. It makes a world of a difference, you may be able to walk the next day.

Thirdly, do your laundry. Being smelly after fighting a villain is not a vibe. I tried it, do not recommend it. The times I did not wash my super suit are the times when I was gauging on the stench of my suit while I was fighting. It put me at a big disadvantage. I know doing your laundry might not be on your to-do list or a priority but it really should.

Thanks for listening my friends.

Sorry, I have to go, Mr.Incredible is yet again in trouble. He would be lost without me.

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