Designing and producing my content for a website has been rather challenging. I have found myself contemplating what direction I want to take with each post and considering how the content reflects me. I have been trying to produce semi-meaning posts that reflect my online self. Some of my posts looking back, have been rather all over the place and quite random. I am trying to find a solid direction in the path I want to take when displaying my online self. 

Creating an online self and showing the media little snippets of your personality is harder than I anticipated. As a person who is shy about the online world, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to create and re-create yourself in a different format. The online world only knows what you want it to know and only sees it singularly. Meaning, it matters how the information is presented as it is only one dimensional. 

Yes, I am overthinking a lot of this website design and content. So, that’s where the random assortment of content comes from. It is displaying the thought process of exactly what is going on in my life or what I may be thinking about. In saying that, I do try and make the posts intentional, rather than just spewing out randomness. 

I found the online reading from Basu (2020) highlights my process. To some extent, my website is the digital garden as it displays my learning process and growth while highlighting my interests. Although it is like a blog for a greater audience, it is also a digital garden for myself and online growth. Indicating, it’s a quiet space to explore what the online world is all about. 

As Basu (2020) states “everyone does their own weird thing”. 

I think Basu indicates an important aspect of exploring your own growth. Stating “everyone does their own weird thing” shows the perspective that everyone is different and creative in their own way (Basu, 2020).  Meaning, that not everyone is the same or does the same thing. Everyone is unique and creative in their own way. 

Moving forward with my website, I feel like I must concentrate on the right now aspect of my online self and be okay with their mistakes. Lean into the different learning curves and just try. Thus, allowing my website to grow. 


Basu, T. (2020, September 3). Digital Gardens let you cultivate your own little bit of the internet. MIT Technology Review.

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