Installing a Website is No JOKE.

Trying to create a website and adding installations is not a cup of tea. As a person who struggles with technology, I found setting up my blog very difficult. I struggled with formatting, colour schemes, themes and organization. I have a newly founded respect for website designers and bloggers. Website designers and bloggers are UnderRated!

In starting the process of transitioning and applying my vision of my blog to the online web I struggled. I found I had all these ideas that were drastically spread out into different ends of my personality. I felt split in what I wanted to focus on or blog about every week. I was trying to come up with a concept that made the most sense personally, while also trying to decide on something worthy of reading.

Oh man, my roommate was killing themselves laughing at me trying to figure out technology. In my defence, they also had no idea what I was trying to accomplish or know what I was trying to do. Anyways, I spent WAY too long focusing and concentrating on trying to understand the different aspects of WordPress and Elementor before ever trying to play with it. I spent the time watching youtube videos like Elementor complete tutorial and how to make a website with WordPress, but I found the videos still left me lost.

I realized I needed to just post my learning process rather than just not post at all. My website is still all over the place and the design is a mess, but I am trying.

According to Watters (2015) owning a domain provides insight into understanding the world of web technology. Watters (2015) indicates that owning a domain permits the opportunity to directly experience the web while having a narrative.

I am hopeful that I can obtain a greater understanding of how web technology works while feeling a sense of control over what is projected. I am hoping that if I keep posting and working on my blog, it will eventually become and reflect my vision board. If not, I am optimistic it will be an honest reflection of myself.


Watters, A. (2015, July 15). The web we need to give students. Medium. Retrieved September 26, 2022, from 

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