Mapping Out the Website.

Website’s home page overview.

This week I was focusing on the website layout. I was working on figuring out the different categories and tags to keep the home page simple. I was trying to come up with a unique way to showcase my content.

I am wanting to create a simplistic and organized webpage that showcases the uniqueness of my content. The idea behind the webpage is to highlight activities and lifestyle changes that are seen to be unpopular and underrated, however, helpful and enjoyable for some individuals.

Although the content might be adventurous, I want the website to be easy to use. I want it to display a user-friendly aesthetic that can be straight forward. I feel that the simplicity will reflect my own persona of needing a simplistic design to navigate technology.

I am currently working on trying to make my website accessible to all users. I have been working on downloading and playing around with different plugins to add to my website. For example, I have been trying to find different text fonts, colours and different images that can help the overall look of the website.

Some aspects of the design process of the website have been trial-and-error. I think I have been trying a trial-and-error strategy to figure out what I believe works and what does not. This includes the perception of the website and actual use.

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