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Last week, I was working on making a remix. Honestly, I had no idea what to do with the word remix. When I thought about remixing, all I could think about was music. Music is where the artists blend two or more songs to create a new sound.

Thompson’s (2022) article explores the acceleration of the internet and the changing of the word lingo. From Thompson’s perspective, I can understand the confusion. I feel like the new slang words in social media are constant. I find I am constantly learning and adapting to the newest and trending sayings.

Yes, the word “remix” is not exactly new, but the idea to remix things other than music, is a foreign idea to me.

To gain insight into remixes, I set out to do some research. 

When I first went beyond a remixing song in the way of collaboration, I thought about remixing lyrics. Meaning, adding new words, rhythms, and rhymes to the popular trending lyrics. Thus, putting a twist on Gen Z slang (Thompson, 2022). What I quickly realized was trying to remix music was out of my realm of expertise. 

Next, I thought about poems and making a collage using only old magazines and newspapers. When I thought about this concept, it brought up a lot of memories of my old childhood bedroom. I use to cover the walls and hang the weirdest collages from my ceiling just so I could be surrounded by my interests.

All through this idea seemed great in theory, (who doesn’t love a good collage?) I realized that I have not owned a glue stick in YEARS. So…

Onto the next idea. 

While I was flipping through my camera roll on my phone, I started laughing at all my old videos and pictures. I was getting a good laugh at watching the memories back. One video that I watched a couple of times was about my parents finding out I got a tattoo.

When I rewatched the video and saw my parent’s facial expressions I knew I wanted to remix it. 

When I was thinking about the different ways of remixing, I could just hear a specific TikTok audio. (Oh No).

Before merging the two, I could tell the original audio mimicked the TikTok song. I knew the video and the audio would match up and create something funny.

Next, all I had to figure out was how to combine the video and the audio.

TikTok seemed to be the place.

Although TikTok is a trending app, I feel completely intimated by it. As Thompson (2022) indicates the internet world is changing for the new generation. 

After playing around with the audio and the video footage, I was able to crop the pieces accordingly to make a concise video. 

The original video contained a whole introduction and then the revealing of the tattoo. Whereas, the remixed version only showcases a snippet of my parent’s (mainly my mom’s) initial reaction to seeing my tattoo.

Overall, I found using different technology outlets challenging as it was new to me. However, after trial and error, the process produced a funny remix. Without the assignment, I would have not gotten the opportunity to remix the video.


Thompson, D. (2022, May 16). Is the internet changing how we talk about slang words? In The Know.


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