Running in the Rain? UnderRated.

 Let me tell you, running shouldn’t end because of the rain. 

For the longest time, I hated running in the rain. It left me feeling soggy and cold. I hated being drenched and feeling worried about my phone or headphones getting ruined because of it. 

So, most of my running in the rain was only left to when I had to. Meaning, when I had to play my soccer game or had to go to practice. I know had to is a choice word as it was always my choice to go, but it was more a scheduled event rather than running just because.

If you live in the lower-main land, you may have noticed that the rain is here, and it’s here to stay. 

With the first couple rain falls, did I change my workouts to avoid going outside?


Absolutely yes. 

Why go out in the disgusting rain if you don’t have to? So, I didn’t. I stayed inside for my workouts and only went running if I had soccer.

This past week, I was tired of just doing workouts inside my tiny apartment. I was craving some fresh air and an open space. It was raining out and I knew I wasn’t really in the mood for a cold outdoor shower, but I decided, why not?

Why not embrace the rain? 

So, I put on my running clothes and a hat, I grabbed a plastic bag for my phone, because yes, I am a weirdo and I get paranoid about my phone getting trashed in the rain, and I headed out the front door. 

I knew the start of the run was going to be the most challenging. The start is always when your feet go from being dry and warm to pure wetness. But I decided to embrace it. 

Instead of focusing on all the reasons why running in the rain was a bad idea, I just decided to do it. Why not?

It had been so long since I had chosen to run in the rain.

Once the initial rainfall hit, I was relaxed. The weather was rainy, but I didn’t feel cold. I listened to the rain as it hit the pavement, the trees, and the puddles around me. I felt the rain drenching my clothing and my face. For most of it, I couldn’t tell whether I was sweating or if it was the rain. 

I ran about 9km and called it a day. Usually, I strive for a bit longer, but I wasn’t feeling like pushing my luck. 

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I forgot what running outside felt like and what it felt like in the rain. 

The trail was so quiet on a rainy day that I had all the space in the world to run. I was able to maintain a consistent pace and enjoy the quiet. 

When I got back home, I immediately jumped in the shower. I blasted the water so it was hot against my skin. I was able to quickly warm up. Afterwards, I felt so refreshed and relaxed from being outside. 

I don’t run every day.

I don’t run every time it rains.

But I realized there is no point in hating or avoiding running in the rain. You might as well embrace it because it’s honestly enjoyable. Why not try it?

Running in the rain? UnderRated. 

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