School Buses? UnderRated.

Over the weekend, I attended an event with a large group of friends. Several days before the event, we were deliberating on the best idea for transportation to the venue. We wanted to all get there safely in the most efficient way possible. The venue was far enough away that public transit was not an option. We considered several options such as an Evo, taxi, Uber and limo. Evo’s (car-sharing service) was not a great option as it would have required a couple of people in the group to volunteer to drive. Taxis, Uber and limos (car delivering services) were not a great option either, as they were both ridiculously pricey. We felt like we were out of options and almost had to bite the bullet on the amount of money until someone said “school bus”.

Yes, we rented a big yellow school bus.

The school bus conveniently fits everyone. It was spacious but not overly empty either. It was very nostalgic for everyone on the bus. For most, it had been a long while since we had sat on a big yellow school bus. The type of bus had brown leather seats without seat belts. The bus that we all cheered on as we left for a school field trip. It was fun. We were allowed to play our own music, chat with each other, and get excited about what was in store for the evening. It was great, knowing everyone was going to arrive at the same time, together and safe. Honestly, knowing you have a reliable form of transportation to an event and home provides a great level of comfort when you are going out.

I know school buses may not sound as cool and or as fancy as an expensive limo but they are an experience. A school bus allows your group to stay together and have fun. They look dorky in just the perfect way that allows you to still ride in style. I personally, highly recommend looking into renting a school bus for the next big event with your friends. It is affordable and an experience.

A big yellow school bus? UnderRated.

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