Socks and Sandals? UnderRated.

Let me tell you… This is an underrated lifestyle trick!

When you’re travelling, you NEED socks and sandals. First, you may think, fashion! But let me tell you, it’s a statement to wear socks and sandals.

I love my socks and sandals for running errands, soccer games, and walks. But travelling is a whole new ball game. 

This past weekend, my family took a trip to Disneyland to celebrate my mom’s birthday. This was the first time my family has travelled all together with everyone’s partners. It went from 5 to 8 people very quickly. Anyway, I rocked my socks and sandals all weekend long! I wore them not only on the airplane but in the world of Disneyland. 

You may think that’s uncomfortable. I beg to differ. Socks and sandals are so comfy. They are IDEAL for the airport and Disneyland. My family was jealous, not only of my style but of my level of comfort.

For the airport and airplane, there are 2 BIG benefits…

 First, when you are going through security, they are an easy slip on and off. No laces, no velcro, no problem. Then when you are walking through security, you already have socks on, so your bare feet don’t have to touch the yucky ground. Just an easy flick off the foot and you are good to go. 

Second, airplane. Wearing shoes on an airplane sucks! So, with socks and sandals, same as security, just an easy flick off and you’re good. It saves your feet from stretching out in your shoes from all the pressure. With socks and sandals, they are an easy on and off.

For Disneyland the benefit is…

Wet rides. For all my Disney fans out there, you know the splash mountain and the grizzly run. The super soaker rides! They soak you from head to toe. In runners... dang those get WET. But socks and sandals, your feet can easily stay dry! Before the ride, you just quickly slip those socks off and you’re good to go! You just have sandals which dry incredibly fast and easy. Even if you forget to remove the socks, they drive 100000x faster since they have breathable room to dry. Beats wet runners and socks. Those take FOREVER too dry.  

Overall benefit…

FASHION. How often do you ever get to show over your fun socks in public? Nobody ever gets to see the cool patterns, colours, or animals on your socks. But with your socks and sandal, you get to feature them! 

At the end of the day, socks and sandals are ideal for travelling. They are functional for all aspects of a trip. They are stylish AND convenient. Which is what we all want. Super ideal! Socks and sandals are the ideal combo.

Socks and sandals? UnderRated.

Picture featuring different shoe styles: runners, sandals, socks and sandals.
Picture highlighting on socks and sandals.

From Disneyland line-ups to airplane line-ups. Featuring the UnderRated: socks and sandals combo.

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