The usage of the word stranger could be taken in different contexts depending on the situation. I consider a stranger to be someone who I have never met before or have spoken to.

Conversations with a stranger can be strange. Depending on the situation and how I try and present myself, conversations can be weird. In a setting where the “stranger” is anticipating a conversation, I find myself to be proper, calm, polite and friendly. The conversation is usually surface-level but friendly. In a setting in which, the “stranger” is surprised by a conversation and is uneasy, I find myself feeling awkward and uncomfortable. The conversation is usually quick.

I enjoy a conversation with a stranger when they are face to face. When talking in person, I can use all five senses to engage with my fellow person. In doing so, I can interact with their body language and react to the discussion being had. Hence, being able to engage in pleasantries within their boundaries. Conversations with an online stranger can sometimes be challenging. I find them difficult as I struggle to guess how they are reacting to the discussion. Meaning, is the stranger enjoying the discussion, offended, or answering sarcastically? Online, it is harder to guess the response as the projection is being received singularly.

A person will continue to be a stranger without a conversation.

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