Visiting Lululemon.

Lululemon’s webpage on best-selling women’s clothing


As a frequent shopper of Lululemon, I visit their online store regularly. At first glance, the website is quite clean and put together. I think it has a great contrast of colours and an efficient organizational system. The site provides different categories and subcategories that make online shopping accessible. 

Lululemon’s brand and website have grown over the years. As Kaptelinin would comment, Lululemon has utilized modern graphic technology to create an intuitive design (n.d.). Meaning, Lululemon has seen advancements in their products to accommodate newer designs. 

The website models inclusivity for the most part. It provides and encourages diversity amongst its models of ethnic backgrounds and body types. Therefore, making the website and brand more accessible to all individuals. 

Lululemon’s webpage has a standardized website look. As Mauve Pagé suggested, websites typically read from left to right with the logo being in the top left-hand corner, the drop downs being in the middle, and personal account information/places to sign in are on the top right-hand corner (2022). 

The webpage demonstrates a good contrast in colours by having the background be white and the models and clothes be a different colour. I think having a neutral background of white and having neutral colours for the model’s backgrounds allows for the clothing on the models to pop. 

The topography of the website is simple, yet effective. I would not say that the topography does not provide a unique level of braiding, however, highlights and bolds its simplicity of it. For example, the important items and categories may be bolded at the user’s discretion.

Overall, the design of the website is aesthetic. 

Although a strong fan of Lululemon I noticed the website was missing some key items. I found the website is missing accessibility to alternative text boxes with photos, different colouring lighting and font enhancement. Therefore, the website may be unusable for some individuals. 

In addition, the website sometimes lags or kicks you out of the session without warning. To some extent, it can be contributed to the number of users accessing the Lululemon website but could also be contributed to errors on the website. 

On a personal level, I know my website is not completely accessible to all users. I have been trying and playing around with different word press plug-ins and identities but have not yet been able to settle on something extremely intuitive. 

Overall, I enjoyed relooking over the different web pages I explore regularly through a different lens. I found looking at the different designs encouraged me to revisit the design and layout of my webpage.  


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